Iggy Pop
Originally uploaded by Lucas Lima.

Iggy Pop, why, oh why do you insist on removing your shirt at performances. Granted it’s what may have been popular in the new era of punk rock 40 years ago, but now that America’s youth is blessed by images of young and beautiful rock stars– there is NO need to remove your shirt.

Known as “the Godfather of Punk,” you certainly have become quite the old-man figure. You raise your fist in the air at the “man,” and yet, is it really appropriate to still make an attempt at battling off a soceital enemy when you’re so old and frail in appearance?

Now 60 years old, your sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll seem to have caught up with you. I’m wondering if plastic surgery and tanning beds have entered the equation when really, all you need to look 10 years younger is a tshirt.

It may have been sexy and racy to take off your shirt and get become nearly naked in 1967 a la here:

Unfortunately this look doesn’t work when you aren’t 20.

So please, Iggy Pop, Gramps of punk, I’m not asking you to don a sweater and khakis to your waist, but a simple tshirt would work wonders.