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It’s true, instead of drinking Corona and waving a Mexican flag to celebrate Mexican indepen– oh, that’s right– Mexico’s victory in the Battle de Puebla, a total of 11 folks headed east of Stockton, California to Sutter Creek to taste some wine.

Not much wine tasting (two vineyards!?) was really done, but we hit the two best and got a few bottles of the good stuff. The whole experience was interesting with a few drunkards and more than enough awkward conversations. It was, however, nice to get a breath of fresh air and stay away from Downtown San Jose Cinco de Mayo antics although I believe it was the first year in many that the city avoided violence. Congratulations, San Jose, you avoided serious violence during a cultural celebration!

Noceto Vineyards
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Without posting pictures here of the Coronas we drank on the balcony of our bed and breakfast, The Imperial Hotel, know that it was done to respect to the wonderful things that Mexico has done for the United States– that’s another story for another time. But I’m sure that without Mexico, the wine we had in wine country wouldn’t exist, and if it still did, it would probably cost far more that it does.

One of my favorite things about wine country is that after saving money buying wine by the case– 10% off on a full case, 5% on six bottles– the shops and restaurants present gourmet California cuisine at a price higher than going to the moon. Okay, not that high, but for goodness sake they’re supposed to be getting the things they cook from local growers, and one would think that without travel costs and manufactering, etc. that the cost would be lower. Eating California meat and produce in California? Expect to pay an arm and leg.

Amador City at Night
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The view was worth the stay at the hotel, my second at the location and higher for my dad. The people are nice, the food is great despite cost and the bartender put up with quite a bit. He better have been tipped well!

Enough with those picture, if you want to see more head to my flickr and see the whole set.

It wasn’t just a weekend of tasting wine, I also had two psychology midterms to study for. It’s so nice of professors to make them all on the same day like that so I can get them over with– or not. My notecards came into play only a few times even though several people thought drinking and notecards would be endless fun. I say buzz kill, so they were not taken out.

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Today I had the two exams and a quiz. It was great– no, I actually mean that. For once I didn’t feel that I got owned by Santa Clara University but rather gave the finger to the man… hypothetically of course. In celebration I felt like doing something for myself, and after ruling out sketching (as I did when I was a teen) I opted for self-portraits that I’m always keen on.

My abalone shell made me feel mermaid-esque as well as my hair that’s getting long again. Clearly it’s summer when my hair starts to turn blonde from sun and swimming.

In other news, my sister, Marinna is back in California and in NorCal tomorrow. And I will be getting my wisdom teeth out Friday morning and surely taking gory and gruesome pictures of the aftermath. Something surely worth looking forward to.

My travel plans are slowly materializing, and very slowly at that. No dates yet but tentatively I should be travelling in September– work (which one!?) will be something to look at but I’m sure everything will work itself out.

On the agenda for the weekend? Recovery.