Santa Clarans
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For those of you who keep track, graduation was great. More details later, but after finishing a five page paper that I was given an extension on– that’s what you get when you’re in an internship class and the professor is intrigued by you– I think the pictures will speak more than the words I am willing to write here.

So click on that picture to the left and head on over to my Flickr. In the mean time, I am officially moving to Boston in September with my best friend and his friend. They plan to find an apartment this week… I would say it’s quite the risky decision on my part and it will be the first time I’m not the one who has to find the place to live.

That’s all for now, folks. Graduation and post-graduation plans. Now I’ve got 6 weeks of personality psych and religion class to finish before I’m done. Time flies when you’re having fun.