Huntington Beach, California had a beautiful mild sunny day with the first clear blue skies in a few days, it was the ideal start to a five day road trip to Boston. My travel partners, Kyle B. and Joey P., were excited to make it to Vegas for our first stop– after the world’s tallest thermometer, that is– and lose some money. Joey P. is from Philly and had never been to Vegas, so when we rolled in, we drove down the strip and to Cesar’s Palace. Never one who enjoyed gambling much, I set up shop in the coffee cafe with my laptop and $12.99 wireless (for 24 hours!) while the boys played poker. By the end of several hours, Joey P. was out $100 and Kyle B. was up about $150. Before we left, besides the poor iced coffee and wireless internet, I made sure to get my sin in Sin City in and was down $1.

We started off again, passing through a cute town on the edge of Nevada and Arizona, Mesquite. It was quaint and minus the blazing heat they must have, it seemed like a great retirement alternative to Palm Springs. There was a golf course AND casinos!

As the time changed an hour and the sun went down, it was time to stop for a bite to eat in some town in Utah. It was 8:30pm their time but those Utahians (what are these people called?) still had a Johnny something-or-other sandwich chain open.

Ultimately we ended up at the Quality Inn in Beaver, Utah. Complimentary breakfast consisted of mini muffins, bread, yogurt, cereal, and already peeled hard boiled eggs. No worries, I snatched peanut butter and jelly to use with the pitas I already have in the car.

Had a rough night last night after a month of stress, but with my own room and a good night’s rest all was well again. This morning we set off for Denver with a stop in Green Valley, Utah for breakfast. Should be lovely and I will include my own pictures soon.

Love, Alannaface