Easily the most boring drive of the entire trip, going from Colorado to Kansas was a great way to see the High Plains, also known as flat farmland in the Midwest. Kyle B’s aunt packed us six sandwiches for our trip, which carried us through the day.

I’m trying to remember what happened yesterday, and I really don’t think there was much excitement. Joey P and I split the driving into Iola which was a handful of long and empty roads. We saw two turtles on the street that I managed to avoid. That may have been the most exciting part of the drive.

Once we arrived at Vickie’s brother’s house (and my cousin’s) we headed to out to have Mexican food at a colorful little building shown in this post’s picture. And I know what you’re thinking—Mexican food in Iola, Kansas? Ew. It was actually remarkably delicious and authentic Mexican food served up by authentic Mexicans. The only problem was the Coronas being served were 3.2% alcohol, mmm, mmm good.

After a satisfying and very filling dinner Brittany took the boys and me to the Monkey Butt Saloon. Apparently the name comes from a nickname that the owner’s granddaughter has—because in Iola, KS, “monkey butt” is a completely normal nickname? In any case, there were a handful of mostly younger people and since it was Wednesday night it was 75 cent draws! That basically meant mugs of beer were a quarter short of the dollar the beers usually cost. One dollar beers and three dollar call drinks (where you pick the alcohol) was a big surprise and the boys deemed it worth being in Iola, Kansas.