As we have for the past couple of days we set off right around 8am despite losing an hour nearly every day with the time change. I took the wheel again to get us through the country roads and on our way anticipating a long day of driving as we try to cut the over 20 hours to Boston more than in half today in order to make tomorrow easier. Blazing down the two lane country road, passing trucks and cars, I was over the 65 mile per hour speed limit but was trying to keep my eyes peeled just in case there were any police to try and stop my progress. But sure enough, about 20 minutes in—just as we had been two days before—I got pulled over.

“Did you know you were going 81 in a 65?” The officer asked from my window.

I always wonder what the right answer is to this question, should I tell him I’d actually probably been going faster moments before and had never seen him so I didn’t have the chance to slow? Should I lie and make up some stupid excuse? Or should I tell him of course I knew I was going that fast to get the hell out of Iola, Kansas, the town in the middle of Nowhere, Kansas? Or the truth… my dad was texting me every 30 seconds while I was bombing down the road and probably would have seen and slowed for the cop if I had my eyes on the road.

“It’s easy to go fast out here?” Yeah, I know, weak.

“License and registration.”

He ran my registration and had to give me a “citation” that is going to be a total of $162 just for the offense and court fee plus I’ll try and do traffic school so that’s usually more money. Thanks, Dad.

After the great start, we’ve gone through Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and are in Indiana as I write this. We were going to try and meet my dad’s business partner in Columbus, Ohio, but with another hour time change and several extended stops—breakfast at IHOP!—we probably won’t stop there. Then the guys decided we should try and stop in Pittsburg where Joey P’s friend lives, but our current ETA at 8:42pm is 2:13am and I don’t think we will make it there—hope? I’d rather not get in late to a strange place, sleep, then leave early. That’s what hotels are for.

While we were in Missouri we stopped at the Fireworks Supermarket, also known as the coolest store maybe ever. It was like a Californian firework stand times 20 with everything from bottle rockets and little fountains to huge aerials that were $50 and more. I got two packs of long sparklers for only $2 each plus some other little things while the boys picked up more exploding things. Who knows.

Also in Missouri, saw the St. Louis arch from afar which is interesting because if you check out I’ve written a bunch of the content including bars and clubs, festivals and a few others. It was neat to see what I’ve written about so many times.

Just made a stop at an Indiana rest stop around 10pm EST, and as I was walking to put some trash into the trash can… a BUG flew into my eye. A BUG. Directly to the eye. That’s a new kind of gross hurt. I thought I recovered but it still burned like hell, so thank goodness I have a Mag Light flashlight…. Shining it into my eye looking in the mirror I pulled my bottom eye lid down, and guess what? The bug was STILL IN MY EYE. Gross. Eventually with Kyle holding the flashlight I got it out, but it’s stinging. Not to mention that since the second day of the trip my eyes have been bloodshot on the inside edge anyhow for an unknown reason—it’s not pinkeye—so I might be going blind.