No wirless when moving into a new apartment, so any communications had to be done at my aunt and uncle’s house– until now! The boys (my roommates) and I made friends with our next door neighbors tonight. They’re a little bit geeky, but that runs in the family and it was easy to make friends. I also convinced them to not only make their wireless network not invisible but give us the password so we aren’t hurting for internet until our Friday appointment.

This won’t be a long update because I’m drained, but everything is coming together nicely and getting better everyday. I’m excited to take pictures and post them of the new apartment because it looks great thanks very much in part to Adem’s parrents who bought us a couch and many other furniture things. Despite several rough spots and much trepidation about the boys, I think it might be okay.

I promise there will be more soon and there are thank you notes on the way to those that have greatly helped me move into my new home. I wish I could thank Uncle Bill for his generous contribution of furniture to my room too. I’m glad I have a family and extended family (of friends) who can make my dreams come true. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone and for anyone who will be in or around Boston, come by for a glass of wine.