Boston Fruit
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For the first time since I left California a week and a half ago I drove without GPS. There were some errands to do that took me down to Cleveland Circle, so without even thinking, I jumped into my car and took off with the most enormous bag of laundry ever. After not finding the laundry place I was looking for, I ignored that task and headed down Beacon to my destination. On my list of things to do were” Trader Joe’s, post office and Walgreens, all of which are in Cleveland Circle. Perfect.

Drove through the circle, parked, realized I should have parked behind TJ’s (abbreviation for Trader Joe’s) so I got back in the car and went back out into traffic. As I neared my desired turn, I saw the Walgreens across from TJ’s and was going to go around the block to get where I was going when I found a FARMER’S MARKET! I absolutely LOVE farmer’s markets since living down the street from one when I lived in San Jose’s Japantown. Anyhow, I entered the parking lot behind Walgreens across from the market to find parking.

Now, I’ve noticed this absolutely ridiculous parking trend in Massachusetts that would never fly in California. People will enter a row and when there are no spots, just stop. They just sit still in a row waiting for people to come, get in their cars and leave instead of circling. The part that sucks is if said stopped car is in the middle of the row and you pull into that row and see a leaving car right in front of you, the stopped and waiting car will reverse to the end of the row and claim the spot as theirs because they were the asshole who was waiting in that row. Well, today there was more circling– UNTIL– some lady in front of me was backing up and didn’t stop when she got to my car. She backed RIGHT INTO ME. I probably would have just been pissed, but when you can hear popping of the plastic bumper, then there’s a problem. So I followed her and when she pulled into a spot, I parked behind her.

I got out and affronted her, “Do you realize you just hit my car???” Because it didn’t seem like she even would have done anything if I hadn’t asked her, I don’t know, maybe she already forgot.

“Oh I hardly tapped you.”

HAH. It’s a car. She hit it with a car. Tapping is bumping, there was crunch and I was honestly surprised she didn’t break a light. “I heard a crunch. You did more than tap it.”

After some looking and realizing that, yes, the bumper had shifted, she insisted that it was nothing. I didn’t know what to do and all I wanted was my daddy. “WHATEVER,” I growled and she went on her stupid way.

Then I called my dad (duh, it’s me we’re talking about) and we decided I should indeed get info just in case and at least take down her license plate number. I then scribbled a note and left it on her car.

It was a bad start to my errand marathon, but it soon improved.

I had to run to Walgreens and on the corner canvassing people was a GreenPeace volunteer trying to get new members. I’m new to Boston, and I used to try and be involved in Rock the Vote, so I kind of needed a cause and a social thing and being a member of GreenPeace can be both of those. I am a new member and will be spending $15 a month to help the cause.

Went to Walgreens and got money out then headed to the farmer’s market. The above picture is the farmer’s market picture of raspberries, red currants (because only on the East Coast can you really get those), nectarines and Gala apples. I also picked up fresh basil, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, a bottle of honey and an onion. This Friday I’m making the lobster that was my graduation present from Uncle Steve… expect pictures!

With several bags I stopped by the car (and waived off some parking vultures) then headed to the post office for stamps and TJ’s for more things that will go with lobster. It’s going to be a feast.

Because I imagine there are curious friend and family readers, I’ve taken some preliminary pictures of my apartment even though it’s still in the midst of being unpacked.

Down the Hall This shows from the back door of the apartment down the hall. The first door is mine then Adem’s and finally Kyle’s. You can see I’m standing in the kitchen and on the right across from their rooms there’s a bathroom and then the living room. Right where the picture is being taken from is my bathroom.

IMG_8438 This is our lovely kitchen and the world’s smartest microwave above the stove. Maybe I’ll just throw the lobsters in their, screw the pot. Hah hah, only kidding.

IMG_8439 This is my (messy) room. You can see the bedside table, lamp and bed frame from uncle bill. It’s an awkward shape but I really like it. The boxes at the end of my bed will soon be gone and I’m expecting Marinna to send my old duvet cover which is burgundy to complete the light blue and burgundy sheet scheme.

IMG_8440 Finally this is looking from my bed back at the door where you can see the dresser and the writing desk as well as the serving table and the door to my closet. Pretty awesome and just enough room.

Of course you can click any of the pictures to be taken to Flickr and see the larger version and more pictures from the road trip are also up. Thank goodness Amity took car of me on that Pro Flickr account or none of this picture bloggging would be possible.

So Boston is getting better everyday. Tomorrow Comcast comes to give us our OWN wireless, the management company guy comes to bring mail keys and give me the (expensive) lease for parking, and I will be cooking lobster. One of these days I’ve got to do some laundry.