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Good news about the job at Kelly Services as an IT Recruiter, they’re overnighting me a package and the offer letter should come in tomorrow. We haven’t decided on a start date but it will be this Monday or the following depending on when they can get everything set up for me. That means I’ll actually be able to make rent–always a good thing.

Before I launch into a diatribe about the apartment, I will call attention to the screenshot I am posting with this (sorry, I’ve been meaning to put the lobster pictures on my computer but haven’t gotten there yet, too much free time is really overwhelming). Some people may have heard that I won a “Hot T-Shirt Contest” for a website I write for, and so my dear photographer friend took a whole set of pictures for me in my prize: the site’s t-shirt. That means I’m now officially a model for the site. If you want to see the ad for yourself head over to and look on the left side.

Back to the apartment situation: I’ve come to the conclusion in my two weeks here that for the price I’m paying for rent, parking and utilities, I could be living alone in a quieter, cleaner and privater– I know, not a word– apartment. Therefore, I am already seriously considering a subleaser for my room and finding something somewhere that suits me better. This is not definite, just a thought.

Today is another farmer’s market day with my friend from SCU who came out to Boston for grad school. Here’s crossing my fingers my car doesn’t get hit.