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Starting work on Monday! I have high hopes about starting work and liking it tremendously at least in the beginning. I like to be an optimist, always have been.

The pictures from lobster extravaganza are finally up on my Flickr and clicking the picture will get you there. The lobsters were sent with a container of clam chowder, cooking instructions and two lobster sets–the bib and claw cracker– all packed up in a Styrofoam box inside a box and everything was covered in seaweed for the lobsters to live. It was pretty scary opening it up. That was the worst part because putting the little guys into the water was nothing. I was hoping for screaming lobsters thrashing around or something, I thought it looked like they kind of enjoyed being headfirst in a boiling pot. They tasted like they liked it. Mmm.

Nothing else is really that new. Still haven’t met a ton of new people but I feel like I am finally getting there and more comfortable in the city.

Not 100% happy at the apartment but I’ll live. Perhaps when the colleges are entering their second semester it will be easier to find a sub-leaser who is either coming back from abroad or needs another place after their last sub-leased place. By that point I will have gotten pay checks from the job (PAYCHECKS! YAY! I miss those) and be a little more steady in Boston.

There’s nothing more satisfying to me than having a ton of things to do and getting them all done. Kelly Services, I say bring it on.