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In California fall and winter are lovely times of the year– Thanksgiving is decorated with orange and reds that turn into green and red for Christmas. In New England the trees are decoration enough. It blows my mind to see red and yellows trees up against bright blue sky. You can see pictures of it a million times over but never be prepared for it in real life.

Work is going phenomenally– I set a record by making a placement already which means I’ll start making a commission. It also gains a little trust.

I’ll be moving into a new apartment next weekend. I got the keys on Saturday and stopped by to see the colors I picked being painted onto the walls. Finally, everything is clicking.

In addition to a great work life, a great health life from going to the gym regularly and a fantastic new apartment– I’ve been dating a fine young man who treats me like a princess, and seeing as how he looks like Prince Charming, I might as well be. Lovely dinners, bottles of wine and exciting adventures. Boston is a much friendlier city when you have someone to enjoy it with.

I can’t wait for the holidays to be over again this year as with every previous year so I can forget about having to plan around those things. Life is good, I am happy, healthy and keeping busy as usual.