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Snow. Ice. Sleet. What a joke.

It may be pretty from inside a warm building while I’m sitting at my desk or while in the car with the heating on full blast, but this frozen water thing isn’t that great when you have to stomp around in it. I’ve resigned to wearing thermals under all of my pants, all of the time. Unfortunately I only have one pair of thermals so by the end of the week people start sniffing around me trying to discover where the dead animal smell is emanating from. Apparently wearing thermals under everything is not a common practice for people who live in the cold, but why not?

Footwear has become my other issue. I’m from California, I want to wear California shoes. Back in the sunny homeland, drizzle means every gal is going to don a pair of brightly (obnoxiously) colored rain boots to tromp through non-existent puddles. The other half of Californians know that the drizzle won’t last and although their Rainbow sandals might get damp, they’ll dry.

I’m not going to talk about cold feet– I’ve been convinced I was going to loose a toe before– but I’ve realized I’d rather suck it up and wear ugly Ugs every day, even to work, than worry about my feet freezing.

Basically everyday I’m wearing the same thermals and Ugs. I’m starting to stink.

How many more days until Spring?