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Those sites that claim to know more about cities than even the residents that live there are usually created by content writers in some distant location. In my case, I was a writer who had never even been NEAR cities I was writing about. Until this month, I had never ventured near Philadelphia despite being responsible for the content on the Philadelphia attractions page. Luckily, when my dear friend from New Jersey asked me to venture home with her she also offered the chance to go to the city of “brotherly love.” Best of all, I was already familiar with the attractions that we could see from the Reading Terminal Market to the national sights.

The best part of Philly for me was the Reading Terminal Market. Although it wasn’t what I thought it would be after writing it, I was impressed by the amount of Amish people… running several stores that is. There was everything from meats and seafood to ethnic cuisine and sweets under one roof. The accompanying picture is of the best looking cupcakes I’d seen in a while. After the market we headed off to the Rocky statue and then for a famous cheesesteak at the famous cheesesteak place. Boy, was THAT overrated.

The Philadelphia trip in the end of January was a welcome vacation but my handsome partner in crime– er, boyfriend– and I had the pleasure of vacationing in Northern California in February. We were blessed with phenomenal weather, probably the most welcome change from gloomy and cold northeastern days. I may or may not have successfully convinced him that a relocation to California would be a great idea.

Aside from vacations it seems that every weekend in February always fills up fast. Somehow the shortest month is always the most busy, or is it just me? Maybe it is the Valentine’s Day pressure, or having a few less days, whatever it is, as long as I can remember February is packed.

That’s about it for this month’s brief update. My partner in crime and I have some trips coming up and I have some potentially awesome news that I’m waiting to release. Other than that, it’s been work, work, work. Snow, snow, snow. Rumor is that winter ends soon.