Viva Las Vegas
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March by went by like no one’s business around here. With winter wrapping up, a trip to ski in New Hampshire, my office moving, and some other weekend activities– there didn’t seem to be much free time. Not to mention my computer’s hard drive had to be replaced. Now that I’m back up and running, hopefully I can get the ball rolling on my blog a bit more. So that means you can check it and hopefully I’ll start updating more.

Most recently I went on a trip to Las Vegas with my Prince Charming. It was a 30th birthday bonanza for a guy who’s never been to Vegas and seems to be such an East Coaster that when told he was getting a trip for his birthday, couldn’t think of any trips past Chicago. Up until I told him we were going to Vegas he was downright convinced we were going to New York. It helped that when making plans I considered the New York. New York Hotel in Vegas and he saw my computer opened to the page thinking it was the actual city.

Thrilled that we were going to a city he had never been and staying in the classic Flamingo hotel– him: “THE Flamingo???”– we took off on an 8:30pm flight on Wednesday after his Monday birthday. We got to the hotel to check in at 1am and there was a line! Because they didn’t have the standard room we reserved, or the “GO” room as the next step, we were put in a mini-suite. Ultimately, the next day when we had to talk to them and move, we just paid a little more to stay in our mini-suite.

Thursday we explored a few casinos then went to dinner at the Bellagio. The restaurant was very good, Sensi, but don’t order the Kobe beef carpaccio– delicious but we think it upset both our stomachs. After dinner it was onto the next surprise, another something Prince Charming had never experienced:Cirque du Soleil. We saw Le Reve at the Wynn and were both extraordinarily impressed by the water and stage show. We intended to go out after the show but between upset stomachs and the East-West time difference both of us called it a night in our mini-suite.

Having seen the pool area for a little while on Thursday, we decided it was fully necessary to spend a few hours by the pool on Friday, so that we did. Our casper-white Boston skins quickly became bright pink, though. We headed back to the room, got ready for our night out and took the monorail to the other end of the strip to see the MGM and New York, New York. I let my prince know that we’d be going to dinner as our surprise that night at Lawry’s the Prime Rib Steakhouse even though he apparently isn’t familiar with the spices. Little did he know this was the main event.

The cab dropped us off at the restaurant and I walked in to give the hostess my name, party of two. She whispered to the other hostess, then they passed a note to the manager. He led us through the restaurant, I looked to my left and saw my grinning father while Prince Charming followed me in his own, “Hungry, need food” world. We rounded the corner, the waitress slyly standing in front of my parents, the manager stopped at the table and asked us, “Will this do?”

All of a sudden it struck the prince that the table was occupied by none other than my dad and step-mom. He likes to explain the moment as “a hit” because of the utter shock and surprise. He really had no idea. The best part was that the restaurant staff was in on it too! Prince Charming had no idea what to say for at least the next 10 minutes as he sat in surreal shock. It was wonderful.

Regaining his wits through dinner, the prince was ready to take my parents up on their offer to head down to the old strip and see the overhead lights show. We got the only car in front of the restaurant, a limo town car, and got a great little tour on our trek to the old town. Saw the renovated Golden Nugget and enough drunk people to form a sloppy army. With a light show and a picture with showgirls who looked like they were wearing clown costumes, we headed back to the Flamingo where we all stayed. Not ready to retire, we headed to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, a bar on the corner of an intersection overlooking Las Vegas havoc including, but not limited to, a hefty bride in her gown with an uncomfortable looking groom.

On Saturday we headed out all together and played some blackjack, got some lunch, and walked around more casinos. We headed to an Italian restaurant off the strip behind the Flamingo, Bautista’s. This Las Vegas hole-in-the-wall was amazing! They even had a old, tiny Italian guy playing the accordion! You order from a menu posted on the wall and garlic bread, soup or salad, one red and one white bottle of wine and a cappuccino are included! You can’t go wrong! We scarfed down dinner– eggplant parm for me, yum!– took a rest at the Flamingo, then the prince and I headed off to the airport.

It was quite the short weekend, but one of sun, fun, good food and drink, and of course surprises. Vegas remains one of the destinations I see as somewhat a waste of money if you’re not a gambler, but there’s no better place to live in sin. If you’re interested in a few more pictures from the trip click on the picture in the upper left of this post.