Montreal Afro-Carribean Parade
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My, my, my. In the past two months quite a bit has happened. Did some serious traveling, the picture associated with this post is from Fourth of July weekend when Prince Charming and I went to Montreal and ran into an Afro-Caribbean parade. It was lively and colorful, a departure from the fireworks and BBQs we would have had if we had stayed in the States. We also made our way to North Carolina for a wedding and to visit my aunt. In the beginning of June I also went down to West Palm Beach, FL for the bachelorette party associated with the wedding. It’s been a full schedule.

As of late we’ve been focused on Prince Charming’s twin sister’s impending birth, looking into our/my planned (return) move to California, and work. I started a new job at the end of June, Mr. Charming maintains his position at the California-based company. We’re reasonably adventurous but boring.

In October we’re traveling to Barcelona for a week, it will be a first time for the both of us. I don’t know that I’ll bring my laptop, but if I do I will try my best to make updates on our travels. The same can be said for my next drive back across the country. I have hopes of taking a different route this time and seeing more of the good (?) ol’ USA.

Just wanted to get a brief note in here before I continued on with my rather self-involved life, I should be better about writing more but I’ve been very lazy of late. Since college it feels like I just float through life and don’t have much pulling me in one direction or another. Or maybe it’s my locale.