Sunday Morning
Originally uploaded by alannaface.

Do we outgrow all of our habits? Prince charming is supposed to be studying GMATs for his test in two days but instead, being as though it’s a Sunday morning, we sleep in, make breakfast and watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Hulu. Usually between waking up and cooking we also playfully pick on each other, I think if any outsiders heard us they would think we hated each other sometimes, but it’s all in jest. However, I couldn’t see picking on each other like we do now when we’re middle aged. Perhaps it’s something to enjoy now, while we (or at least I’m) young. ;0)
After watching our fill of internet TV we usually start browsing the internet, catching up on news, checking our social sites and ignoring each other. For us, it’s the perfect Sunday morning. We probably should go to the gym or start laundry, but right now, it’s fine to just have our lazy Sundays.