San Jose Police
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Where do people get the idea to mess with cops? It’s not a good idea, once they have you pulled over, to try anything tricky. Sorry, but the fact is, they’ve got control especially in a situation when you’ve been pulled over.

In the Mercury News police blotter, my new entertainment source for all things ridiculous, there’s a blurb about an incident late Tuesday night:
North 18th and East St. John streets, 10:52 p.m. Tuesday Police performed a traffic stop on a vehicle. Upon approaching, the driver put the car in reverse in an apparent attempt to hit the officers. Instead, the driver hit a parked vehicle, then crashed into a tree.

It’s so easy to picture the situation. Some guy obeys and pulls over fully knowing one of the following will get him in trouble: 1) He’s an unlicensed driver, probably because he’s an illegeal alien, 2) He’s drunk 3) He’s on drugs, 4) Combonation of 1-3.

So the drunk, high, illegal alien pulls over with a plan of attack. He’ll just TRY TO RUN OVER THE OFFICERS and get away with no problem! Clearly that’s the best way to get around the problem. That won’t cause any problems. Maybe his skewed thinking was from all the drugs and alcohol?