Since starting to read the police blotter for San Jose I’ve learned that you should always lock your car. Of course there are criminals who break into cars who are locked as well, but it’s impressive how many people leave their cars unlocked and then have to report that something has been stolen out of their unlocked car.

Two of today’s best entries in the police blotter about stolen things from cars– because there are a ton in there, guess yesterday was the day to steal from cars– are about the strange things people take.

Denver Avenue, 9 p.m. Wednesday Police say someone entered a 2006 Ford Fusion and removed the owner’s manual.

Guess that guy, in Campbell, just couldn’t find his owner’s manual and didn’t want to shell out the money to purchase a new one. Everyone knows owners manuals are kept in the glove compartment. This next one is in Palo Alto.

1300 block of Greenwood Avenue, 11:52 a.m. Wednesday An ashtray assembly and change were reportedly stolen from an unlocked vehicle.

First problem: unlocked vehicle. Second problem: someone stole the ashtray and change. You know, the pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters that you save for tolls or parking meters. At least the car owner didn’t get a broken window… maybe people should leave their cars unlocked?