Blank Sheet of Paper
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In addition to the blogs listed to the right that I regularly read, there is one called Life Hackery which usually has x number of uses for some regular item each day. One day it’ll be lemons, another coffee grounds and I think it was an umbrella yesterday. Today was a blank piece of paper.

As I skimmed today’s 24 Things You Can Do With a Blank Piece of Paper I realized I should stop reading this blog. Although there are many gems, this one is a doozey:

20. Aid for Sleeping – Sleeping, bright lights and loud music do not go together. Make glare noise non-factors by manipulating paper into sleeping aids. Cut a sheet of paper in two and use one part to cover your eyes. Split the other part in half. Crumple both halves then use them as makeshift earplugs. Make sure that your paper plugs are large enough to cover your ear canal since a small plug can slip inside can cause damage to your hearing.

The last thing I would want in my ear or across my face is a sharp piece of paper… really? Despite dissing this blog I will keep it on my list—for entertainment purposes. Believe, you, me, I will not be using paper for ear plugs or an eye mask anytime soon.