Is Your Refrigerator Running?
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Good golly, it’s unbelievable how good cold food is when it’s supposed to be cold! Think: dairy products. If you are privy to Prince Charming and my complaints in the last three or so months, you would know that we have a lame fridge (in the apartment-from-hell). Go figure. Though the freezer seems okay, the refrigerator’s seal doesn’t—well—seal, and so in the humid Northeast quite a bit of moisture gets in. Then it freezes and drips (yes, water and ice at the SAME TIME) onto the food causing it to spoil, mold, never cool properly. It’s like a death trap.

On recommendation from my coworkers, I brought this week’s yogurt to work to keep in our gigantic working refrigerators. Yesterday I had a lukewarm yogurt from my fridge, today a perfectly chilled yogurt from the fridge at work and HOLY SMOKES it was amazing. In about a month and a half if all goes to plan I will be enjoying perfectly chilled food once again. Good riddance apartment-from-hell.