There is an extraoridnarily interesting story brewing about the 2016 Olympic bid– now involving Chicago, Tokyo, Madrid and Rio de Janero– and the internet. The LA Times Blog has the story about an MBA student who owns the domain name and, both of which he purchased in 2004 two years before the bids were launched.

Basically the Chicago 2016 committee says “We certainly see as the logical default domain for our site, and we believe having someone else control it is misleading for people seeking information about Chicago’s bid.” So do they make an offer to buy it? Nope. They sue.

The owner is using both sites for public discussion and debate about whether Olympic committes are a good use of government time. “I’m not interested in selling, but in public discussion,” he says.

The Chicago 2016 has the .org site but is suing for the .com site, they sound like big cry-babies if you ask me. What are your thoughts?