Bolt Bus to NYC
Originally uploaded by alannaface.

Now, this is cool: I am currently en route to New York City via Bolt Bus and there’s wireless internet on the bus. Plus two outlets where I was not only able to charge my cell phone but could have plugged my computer in as well. So far the Bolt Bus experience has been great. My companion (who is asleep to the left in the picture) and I showed up early for our 7am bus. Because we were there at 6:27am, the bus driver let us get onto the 6:30am bus because there was enough room, and although we’re sitting right in the back by the bathroom, we did indeed get a seat next to each other.

Not that riding on a bus for 4 hours is my ideal morning, but at $18.50 per way on the Bolt Bus, it’s a great way to get to NYC. It’s like the Jetblue of the buses– forget PeterPan and the Fwang-Waa that may or may not spontaneously combust. Can’t wait to get me some hot dogs, pizza and New York cheesecake!