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Just going through some pictures and looking for things to blog about. Since settling into our new California home the prince and I have been laying pretty low. In any case, I came across this picture from our trip in October. I found a stack of chairs on the beach, set my camera down, and did the ol’ sprint to make it in the picture. When it’s tiny like this, it just seems like a cute couple (us) on the beach posing for a picture. But then I zoomed in to get a better look and came up with this:
Picture 1.png
My face is smashed up against his and he’s probably saying something smart-alecky. Obviously, I’m a pretty fast sprinter (haha) and so my face was smashed up against his for a few seconds before the camera went off. That’s what makes it classic. Because up close it seems downright awkward.

Happy almost Thanksgiving!