Boston Snow Storm @ 3:47PM
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Feeling bad for avoiding my blog I went searching for pictures of snow in order to say how mixed up I am about going back east this holiday and seeing snow in the weather report before Christmas. I happened upon the picture you see here of the traffic that resulted from a HUGE snow storm December 13, 2007. It hit Boston hard and was the first big snow I’ve ever had in my life. We got out of work early that day and I went with friends to the world’s #2 baseball bar, Cask n’ Flagon across the street from Fenway for their amazing spinach artichoke dip and wings. A normally 10 minute drive took us 45 minutes because of the traffic that was ravaging the city during the storm. All over the greater Boston area people were stuck in traffic, thankfully we were able to get to the bar to idle away time. If my memory serves, we got to the bar around 2pm and stayed until later that night, but I had a chance to build a snowman pile of snow in front of Cask n’ Flagon before gigantic snow plows came through and took him out.

So here I am, a year later, back in sunny California, the sun is still breaking through some gray clouds that will tear open and rain tonight, the second rain storm we’ve had since the Prince and I moved back a month and a half ago. In three days my sister will take me to the airport (which I owe her big time for) and I will take a red-eye into Boston to catch up with Carlos who left this morning. And the weather report says there will be snow on top of the freezing weather.

This gives me mixed feelings, which I will be candid with. I’m excited for snow. Many people thought I moved back because of the snow. Nope. It was the helplessness I felt when it snowed, coupled with what felt like constant darkness, coupled with months of feeling like I never warmed to the bone. Sure I lived in a drafty, stinky apartment which didn’t help, but it was feeling like I never saw the sun that was the worst. Knowing that I might get another white Christmas this year is kind of exciting. When I’m on vacation in the snow, it’s awesome. Living in the snow is a little different.

It’s the freezing cold and kind of miserable weather I guess I’m not looking forward to. But I can suck it up because I won’t be out there very long. However, it occurs to me that although I don’t have to live in the snow, dark and cold anymore, assuming Prince Charming and I are long-term, and I hope we are, there looks to be more white Christmases in my future. That’s okay, too.

A year ago today, Friday, December 13, 2007 Boston had the largest snow storm it had encountered in decades. Friday, December 13, 2008 I sit at our airy apartment’s bar with the sun streaming in through our open sliding glass door. The past year has been an interesting one and I feel like I learned more about myself and the world than I have in a very long time. I look forward to what the next year brings in my personal life despite the status of the economy. We all have something to learn from what is coming our way.