Oakland Airport
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This is my first time flying out of Oakland Airport, and besides the free wi-fi (which is kind of a life saver right now) it’s just okay. I mean, as indicated by the picture, the whole place is completely empty and security was as easy as I’ve ever experienced, the employees were very chatty as if they were bored out of their skulls. But the delayed Jetblue flight is killing my mood. From a 9:15pm flight to 11:50pm.

It’s really no one’s fault but Jetblue who said wind has caused the airplane coming from NY to stop in Las Vegas to refuel. I have to wonder though, is this part of that whole thing where they’ve been trying to put less fuel into planes to keep them light but when things like wind interfere they have to stop and refuel?

I stopped at Chili’s for two drinks and some people fuel (ya know, food). This is really not particularly interesting information, but I got a side salad, ranch on the side and french fries. Just to balance out the healthiness of that salad.

Currently I am freezing but I found an outlet for my computer and phone at gate 15– my gate is 9– because all the gates were empty when I was walking around. It’s my bed time, hurry up flight! I have a Jetblue Amex, I am a firm supporter of Jetblue, but sometimes they let me down.