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One of us stinks. It’s either me, or the economy. Maybe it’s my search technique, but I think that still falls under the “me” category. Either way, for the life of me, I can’t land a job. Not like my phone has been ringing off the hook with interviewers calling. I’ve met with two recruiters, one of which got me an interview with a company, and early on I had another interview. Now I sit and wait on that head hunter’s interview and swim right back out to sea looking for a job.

It strikes me that maybe I should re-format my resume, change some wording, re-craft my cover letter, send my reference letter with every resume sent out or do something flashy. Maybe I screwed myself in the past year skipping around from job to job and then out to California, but I explain that in my cover letter because I know how it looks. It’s driving me crazy that nothing is coming in and yet I feel like I’ve got all the bases covered. I think, after others reviewing my resume, that I have a pretty gosh darn good one. So what gives?

Perhaps it’s the economy and the speculation that it’s going to be bad for the long haul that people aren’t looking to hire as much. Maybe it was partly the holiday lull that slowed down job postings and hiring. Do you know if the “year-end” hiring freezes have been lifted? I’m willing to bet they haven’t been. That rules out many major companies– I guess I should say “corporate” instead of major– because they love hiring freezes. It seems as though I may be relegated to risky start-ups and vying for jobs that hundreds of other applicants are.

In applying for every possible job I lay eyes on, I’ve applied for some pretty outlandish ones. There was one in South San Francisco that was for a chemical or manufacturing company, I forget, with a very obviously Asian name. On top of that it said in the job description that people who spoke an Asian dialect were preferred. I applied anyhow, knowing full well that Spanish Spanglish is my second and only other language. In the back of my head I wondered if my last name that sounds like an Asian last name but is really English, Lee, would have an affect.

That afternoon I got a phone call from Mike, a guy from the Asian-named company. I said that, yes I had applied. His first question was whether or not I could speak any Mandarin, and no I can’t. He seemed discourage. “What about any other Asian dialects?” Nope. He then started mumbling something about how he had written it in the job description as required so I thanked him and said good-bye.

If that isn’t a case of mistaken identity then I don’t know what is. He clearly must have thought I was Asian, the perfect candidate, and he based it on my last name. Is that illegal?

The other instance of a job that I applied for and later thought better of was a small (as in I’d be the second person) dot-com in Palo Alto. It seemed like a great position albeit sales based, but I figured I could do it. The guy called to give me a schpiel about the job, and I don’t know why but said, “The last girl left for a more reliable source of income.” I’m sorry, but last I checked, the whole point of a job is to have a reliable source of income!!! I actually pondered this one but realized that selling online advertising to small business and restaurants when the speculation about the economy is abysmal is not what I want to be doing.

I’ve started to become suspicious of jobs that are interested in me because my brain says, “Why me?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m an awesome employee, hard worker, non-slacker, kick-ass in the work place all day every day kind of gal, but I’m going on three months of unemployment. Yeah, yeah, I know networking is key, but how do I get there? I want to search “networking, marketing, my area” and get 10 different events where I can meet people, quality people. But it doesn’t work like that.

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