San Mateo & a Bike
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Sooo no news about any potential employers clawing at my metaphorical door trying to throw money at me to employ my brilliant self. Instead, I made myself a website to host my resume and put some links to my other online presences, including this one. You can check my new website out here and take a look at my resume. Ideally, this will make it easier to share my resume AND to show potential employers that the website with my name, which I won’t link here so you don’t go to it, is just some random “escort” in Las Vegas and not this Alanna. You can’t even Google my Facebook, but there is another girl with the same first and last name that comes up. This is frustrating because how can I show it’s not me? Giving people links to my other web presences that have pictures.

In other news, our new vacuum cleaner came today. Oh, wait, that deserves and exclamation point because it’s the most exciting thing that’s happened all day. Our new vacuum cleaner came today!

I’ll just end it now.