Readying the Capitol
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I voted for Obama. I donated to his campaign and millions of others did. I sat with friends and watched him win on election night. Now it seems like one of the “it” tickets is to his inauguration next week. This is something that I, and millions of others, could have only dreamed about five years ago. And trust me, I was dreaming about it at that time despite being a (lowly?) high school student who had just gotten the right to vote.

While job hunting today– sorry I know it’s the third job-related post here– I came across a posting by the political organization I was part of when I was a teenager. Eventually, I came to be my school’s chapter president and tried to urge all of my peers into caring about what was going on around us. It wasn’t going well, club membership dwindled, most kids were apathetic.

The one “main event” I arranged was after the California Governor impeachment election, or whatever they called it. I got one of the candidates, Jack Grisham, to come speak in our auditorium. It was especially exciting because he’s better known for being part of T.S.O.L., an Orange County punk band from the 80s. The auditorium ended up filled, the last time he (and his band) had been to my high school to perform they all got kicked out. It was great.

That feeling of accomplishment, feeling that teens were getting engaged with politics was so awesome I think I wrote several college admission essays about it. Probably the colleges I didn’t get into.

Now all of a sudden we have this president who has ignited the excitement of millions of people, and that’s exciting! People care about politics again, even if they are republicans. Everyone wants to be there to see him take office, to really make history. I can’t blame them. I want to be there too.

So after I saw that job posting, I got kind of excited about the prospect of being involved with teens and politics again. I even called them and told the woman how excited I was. She didn’t seem to share my excitement. Maybe lots of washed up JSAers have applied. Oh well.