A week or so ago I applied to do pro bono volunteer work for the Taproot Foundation because I figured, as long as I’m not getting paid to work anywhere, I might as well try and donate my time while looking for a job. Makes sense, right?

The site was going over my application since I applied and just today came back with an email response that “determined that we do not have any volunteer roles that fit your experience at this point.” Basically, “thanks, but no thanks.”

Really? I can’t even get someone to let me work for free?

There was more text in the email amounting to them looking only for “experienced” volunteers and then they provided links to local volunteer organizations, which I will check out. I’m just slightly offended, and if I can’t give away my time, it makes me wonder, ‘Who’s going to buy it?’

Okay, President Obama, now that you’re in office let’s get some jobs made and start trying to restore the economy. I’ve got an interview on Friday for a job I’m very excited about so keep your fingers crossed for me.