Cell Block
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Outside there is a jackhammer doing– well, jackhammering. I’ve got the dishwasher running because that’s part of what I get to do while I’m home all day. I can’t believe some people have to work from home in these conditions… oh wait, that’s basically what I’m doing. Stupid jackhammer.

Besides all the noise, over the weekend the Prince and I went with his parents to San Francisco to see Alcatraz Island. I’ve been on the boat tour around the island a few times, but this was my first trip to tour the island and prison. It’s actually pretty cool because how often do you get to see a prison. The downside seemed to be the perspective that the history was told from. They made it seem like it was always “just another day in the prison,” even when it was solitary confinement but it’s known that there was blatant abuse of power in the prison. Of course you never heard about how guards would abuse prisoners, but they did make the guards seem like heroes when there was an attempted prison break.

I’d recommend it as something to see if you’re in SF for a while, otherwise just do the tour around the island.

This Sunday is “Superbowl Sunday,” however, Prince Charming and I don’t have cable (by choice, we do have a TV though) so we are stranded. I really only like to watch for the commercials and eat the good food that people often have during Superbowl parties. If worse comes to worse, I hear most of them are online and he said he can watch the game online.

Back to the grind.