Recently I’ve been dreaming about owning a house instead of throwing rent into oblivion without the hopes of owning. Perhaps because I have two x chromosomes, I often fall in love with houses, but more often, I think, “WHO would buy THAT?” The little summary of the home often doesn’t help when it’s in all caps or admits to it being a “fixer upper” or needing “TLC.” Today I found one that just leaves me confused.

Agent is a cream puff and seller says SELL IT. So lets do it.

What does that mean??? “Cream puff?” I’m reasonably sure the agent is the one who writes the little summary, so did “Manny” call himself a cream puff? And is that a reference to be being homosexual? I felt uncomfortable reading this listing and want nothing to do with it. Who’s going to a buy a house after reading that? Oh, yeah, and this sealed the deal:

need minor repairs and some tlc but buyer can get lots of sweat equity