San Mateo Bridge
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My computer is my link to reality. I live in reality, the internet is not reality. Programs and movies are also not “reality,” so usually I don’t really care when people talk about such pop culture, but I’ve been hearing a lot about whatever Flight of the Conchords is. In fact, I don’t even know if I am spelling that right, but I’ve probably seen it in advertisements (online) and probably am spelling it correctly. In any case, it’s not new news that Prince Charming and I do not have cable. We did not watch the Superbowl because apparently non of our friends care about it enough to have parties or watch it so I can ask to join them, instead we went and saw a movie. But because we don’t have cable, I do not know what future movies or TV shows are called or what they are about or anything. I’m pretty much in the dark about that stuff, and I actually think it’s just fine. However, I’m curious about this Flight of the Conchords business.

My Facebook friends have tickets to see it, so it must be some sort of live show. Which is interesting because at first I just thought it was a TV series on HBO. Then I heard a radio ad today while I was in the car about getting tickets to is again, and I know one friend in NY has tickets and my aunt in SF has tickets, so it must be touring. Hmm… it’s mysterious. I don’t get it. Theoretically I should just be looking it up on Youtube, or Hulu, or perhaps Wikipedia, but it just got me thinking that I’m so disconnected from some things because I don’t watch TV. Most people speak about things as if you should just KNOW because, well, doesn’t everyone? The answer is ‘no,’ not everyone knows, especially people who don’t watch TV.

People spend so much time in front of the boob tube, and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it’s not how I want to spend my life. Trust me, I watch movies and TV shows online at, and the Prince and I are Netflix subscribers–we have a TV so we can watch DVDs but no cable– but I prefer to read news, blogs, cook, spend my time outdoors or whatever. There are people, millions of them, who make their schedule around TV. Maybe not so much anymore now that there’s Tivo and recording things built into some cable packages, but television is an intrical part of many folks’ lives. Kind of scary.

There’s nothing wrong with watching TV, but it’s not for me.