This makes me smile, because, first of all, when did we start considering Steve Wozniak a “star?” Secondly, I thought this guy gets around on a Segway and completely gave up on walking– which he could clearly use– and now he’s going to be dancing!? I first saw the announcement of contestants on my celebrity gossip blog that I shamelessly read, but even the BBC News has the story here. Wouldn’t it be great if he ballroom danced on his Segway? I mean, he plays Segway polo. I guess I don’t know better, but if I was an overweight guy I’d make sure to walk around and get as much exercise as possible. Is the Segway the first step of those chairs you see in Wall-E where everything is there for you and people turn into blobs because they never move?

By the way, the BBC points out that “He ceased full-time employment at the company in 1987 but is still on the payroll. ” I didn’t know that, but that’s ridiculous unless he’s actually consulting instead of rolling around on his Segway all day.

Who else is going to be on the show that I can’t even watch because I don’t have cable? According to, “Denise Richards, Lil Kim, Steve-O, Jewel, Ty Murray, Go-Go Belinda Carlisle, David Alan Grier, Nancy O’Dell, NFL linebacker Lawrence Taylor, Olympian Shawn Johnson, SATC stud Gilles Marini, and singer/songwriter Chuck Wicks.” Their reference to “SATC” is Sex and the City.

Another one of many reasons I’m completely okay not watching TV.