Peaches Concert 081
Originally uploaded by alannaface.

Virtually everything that is given away for free is always sweeter. Food, samples, goodies, and especially music. When I got wind that an artist I enjoy was giving away –for FREE!– 35 minutes of music, how could I resist. The best part is it’s really good. Realllly good. I could totally work out to this, see myself driving down the freeway at high speeds, or like I am now doing, banging out a blog and surfin’ the net.

A little more background before I link ya’ll to my source… I heard about Peaches through a friend while in high school. She was the backdrop for several of my various college roommates’ and my crazy dance parties. Her music is an amalgamation of pop, vulgar rap and rock. Much of it centers on sexual, shocking lyrics–“go on and crush it with my thighs”– and teeth-vibrating beats. It’s funny, it’s catchy, and totally awesome.

Interestingly, I knew about Peaches before the now somewhat more famous Feist, and I knew they were roommates in Canada way back in the day. When I saw Feist do a solo opening act, I was let down she wasn’t like the energy-filled, electrifying Peaches. A few years later I saw Peaches for my first time, and oh wow was it crazy. Packed into a San Francisco theater with two lady friends and a few long islands, it was a sweaty, frenzied show. There are several pictures on my Flickr if you follow the picture associated with this post.

So if you haven’t heard of her, open up your mind for her witty, sexy 35 minute, FREE, freaking amazing mp3 mixtape. You’ll hear old Peaches, new Peaches, and lots of lovely. You’ll thank me.