March 8-11, 2009
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While today’s weather in San Mateo, California is remarkably similar to the weather in Hollis, New Hampshire for today– Hollis is where the Prince’s parents live– the rest of the week is the really interesting part, to me in any case. In California we will have clear skies and chilly weather while back east they will receive two storms, one with snow and the latter with ice. Presumably they still have snow left on the ground (they got a foot last Monday) where the sun hasn’t touched it, and despite my uncle’s proclamations that “winter is done!” three or so weeks ago, I usually don’t think of snow and ice as spring weather.

Prince Charming is liking California quite nicely weather-wise but of course somewhat misses seeing snow every now and then. He found out the hard way that Northern California does indeed have a winter that’s very rainy even though we are having nowhere near the amount of rain we should. My prince was supposed to have baseball tryouts two weekends ago but they were rained out, then they were planned for this weekend when he is away and canceled again because the fields were so water logged even with the sun out. The good news is that he will be around for tryouts if they move them to next weekend! Success!

I’m so happy to be back in California and not dealing with snow and ice. I’m happy that I found a job I love despite it’s feature of working with high school students and teachers (which can be a good and bad thing at times). I feel very lucky, in these uncertain economic times, to be where I’m at and have Prince Charming by my side.