Some folks were able to “follow” the Prince and I while we drove cross country last fall because I was able to post via mobile phone to my blog. Unfortunately when I recently tried sending a post to my blog I got a text message saying that my service is no longer supported. Boo Verizon wireless.

Luckily, I can still post to Twitter– which I only recently signed up for– so I’ve been trying to do that. My Twitter account can be found at It’s neat to see who follows me and also see what’s going on with friends, but it’s like watching what people have to say on Facebook. Too many things going on! Between Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot (where you are currently reading this) and all my other social networking sites, it’s a little hard to keep everything updated. I’m glad I’m not always required to professionally network.

Because I just signed up for Twitter, I only recently synced it up with Facebook. I follow Gavin Newsom on Twitter, and when his posts popped up on Facebook, look what happened to his picture:

Nice hairline, Newsom. Thought that was kind of funny.

Short post today, but I’m a little discombobulated from cold medicine and am struggling to make sense. Check out my Twitter for more updates, and add my blog to your RSS feed!