This story may not be as exciting as Swine Flu H1N1 Virus, but it’s pretty crazy. Basically, this morning I started getting phone calls from a restricted number, when I answered the third consecutive call after whoever it was obviously didn’t want to leave a message, the plot began. The woman asked how I know Anthony. I asked who she was, and she refused to say but insisted I tell her how I know Anthony. Well, I know many Anthonys. Two are my cousins, I’m sure I’ve worked with some and even have known some during school. But not in my recent memory have I been in contact with any of them. When she told me I was a “whore” I hung up. Then of course, she kept calling.

I answered another call to tell her I didn’t know what she was talking about, and maybe if she told me Anthony’s last name, I could help her. She just asked how I know Anthony and Chris. Now, if I had to pick the top 15 Anglo-Saxon, typical American names, those two names would probably be right at the top of my list. So no, I couldn’t figure out who those people were, and I hung up rather enraged. Then I turned off my phone, when I turned it on over an hour later, this was the voicemail message: