I heard that blogging isn’t cool anymore because any one can do it– because, it wasn’t always like that? No, just kidding. I stopped because life got busy and that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

I don’t feel completely terrible to neglect the blog since I imagine most family members who remember I have one (and read it) have adapted to Facebook and follow me that way now. Nonetheless, I suppose it’s a good thing to continue because who know what random people may come across my blog and have it change their life. Seriously. You never know. Hah.

Since I skipped June completely, the short story is that the Prince got to go on his first river rafting trip ever and unfortunately the weather was kind of cold and miserable, but he enjoyed it. We were on the Kern River which had some pretty awesome rapids, so that was fun. My Aunt Becky also visited town in June and Prince Charming and I headed to SF to meet up with her, my other aunt, her long-time male partner and my sister. We ate “Boston style” pizza and went for a hike to Golden Gate Bridge. It was a really great day. The Prince plays in a baseball league, so he had games, we went to dinner with friends and had a generally busy June.

In July we went to Tahoe for the Fourth and had an absolute ball with friends on Lake Tahoe (in a boat) seeing fireworks and hanging out. Despite a wonderful weekend, we regretted having brought our pooch because she was a nightmare in the car for FIVE HOURS and, oh by the way, she didn’t get along with the other dogs once we were there, either. Two weekends later we jetted off to the East Coast for a family reunion with my side of the family and also got to see the prince’s family. It was an AWESOME vacation with lots of fun activities. It was especially good to see everyone. While there we almost bought a house but ended up being the #2 offer. Darn.

Last weekend we went to the No Doubt concert and also got to see opening band, The Sounds, who I first learned about at Coachella a few years ago. They are awesome. Check them out here: the-sounds.com That morning we had gone house hunting and saw a couple good things with our real estate agent, Jim. Check him out at his blog here: fostercityblog.com We saw a town home that’s 1,500 square feet in Redwood City. That’s huge in terms of, well, just about anything we’ve looked at (in our price range). On top of that, it’s three stories and has a great, sort of funky (in a good way) layout. The prince and I loved it and put an offer on it on Tuesday morning. Today we found out that, pending either a catastrophic problem or a offer that’s better than ours, it will be ours. AWESOME. No celebrating yet, though, it’s not official yet. In fact, while signing our rights over to the bank (it’s bank owned) today, we learned that even while in escrow if another offer comes in that’s better than ours they could cancel with us. Lame.

That’s the good, the bad and the ugly. Next weekend Prince Charming and I will head down south to the Orange County Fair, because, uh, fairs are AWESOME. The weekend after that we will see my parents up north for a wine dinner (yum!). Busy, busy month again. Which I like. Now if only the prince would get home from having a drink with his coworkers so we could make dinner…