This is the house we may or may not be buying in the very near future. It’s small with only two bedrooms and one bath, but it’s a house, gosh-darn-it. What happened to the three story townhome? Well, we found out that the folks who are the trustees of this house since 2007 were going to be okay selling to us with our low offer so we had to drop the townhouse and concentrate on this one.

What that means is that we are now going through the motions to see what’s up with this house. On Thursday we have an inspection done and get to meet with your agent and the inspector to hear what he found. Then, if that all goes well, we have a pest/dry rot/ mold inspection done on Monday and find out what problems there are there. Then once we have all that information, we go from there. It’s all pretty exciting buy scary at the same time because who knows what these inspections might turn up. The hope is that nothing is too bad and we can change it before moving in.

Assuming that it’s a perfect world and there are only a few things we need to take care of in the house, we buy it. We would enter escrow presumably as early as next week and then have a 45 day close. The guy who does our loan is already slaving away to get all our documents collected so I feel we have a pretty good handle on that and will be able to safely meet the designated close date which would be sometime in the end of September. The lease for our apartment ends in the middle of October, so it’s yet to be seen if we may have to rent for one more month to allow work to be done on the house or if we’ll be able to make it all happen before we move in.

That’s the update on the home front, there’s plenty of other activity happening around the Prince and I these days, but, one step at a time and we’ll move through it.