This house is one that most people call a “fixer” and would have been advertised as a home that needs “sweat equity.” It “needs TLC” but might not be as bad as a “contractor’s special.” With all those potential MLS terms, we still love it. I say potential because this home never made it to the listings. Our excellent agent, Jim (, told us about this little bargain and was cautious. He told us it needed some work and was thinking we may not be interested at all.

As a little back story, this house was built in 1947 and was bought and moved into that same year. The man lived there with his wife, and a step child for some time, until about 1997 when she passed away. Ten years later in 2007 he passed away and the trustees of his estate are his 84 year old brother, Floyd, and his wife, Pat. Living about 20 minutes away, they have been trying to make repairs to the house since 2007 but health and life have intervened and made it slow-going.

In comes our agent who first saw the house when it was still smoke-stained after 60 years of a smoker living there. It still had stinky, stained carpet. And the foundation was obviously cracked. He didn’t think we would be interested, but when he was able to take us inside, while Pat and Floyd were puttering around, after the carpets were up and it no longer smelled like smoke, we were impressed. Sure the kitchen and bathroom are original, but under that carpet there is a beautiful wood floor throughout the house. There’s 15-20 rosebushes around the property and I love that it’s original.

Being that it’s original, there are some downsides. When we had the inspection done there were typical things that old houses have wrong with them that we fully expected. Galvanized pipes, not very many electrical breakers, and that crack in the foundation? It won’t be nearly as expensive (hopefully) as we had thought. We will have to update the kitchen and bathroom, but we recently got some pictures from Jim ( of a house with the same exact layout that made me almost pee my pants I got so excited. The kitchen is absolutely beautiful, but you will have to picture our kitchen as having a wall that blocks off the dining room, and that refrigerator alcove doesn’t exist in our house.

Here’s a preview of what the really nice version of our same living room looks like:

And maybe not my absolute favorite part, but at least my second most favorite part, they built stairs to their attic and made it an office space! How cool! But if I did this, and I was spending this money, I would put a skylight that could open.

With nice pictures, a inspection that, dare I say, went as well as expected if not better, I’m ready to move in already! I already am dreaming of paint colors while Prince Charming is thinking about what he can do to the front and back yard. In our minds, we’re already moved in. Now we just need to sign all the papers and get into escrow!