Our dog has been vomiting bile lately. Usually either before we get home and feed her or at 5:30am, a few hours from when we feed her. I just Googled it and it said something about feeding more often or meals just before bed/when you leave. That hasn’t helped it. tried that. Today I gave her a Prilosec in her “small meal before leaving” and since our dog eats like this is her last meal ever, she eats pills thrown in with her dry food. I know all this house stuff is going on, but this is driving us nuts too. Is it because she has Cushing’s Disease? I recently found a good stain remover which is a relief, and I guess vomit is better than excrement. I just wish I knew how to fix it!

On the house front, we got our pest/ dry rot/ mold inspection done yesterday. Mixed news from that. I was being optimistic after the home inspector said it looked like under the bathroom had been fixed at some point because Jim promptly said that’s where people can end up throwing money away on dry rot and leaks. Well, turns out we have dry rot and a leak there, hopefully it’s not too bad. There’s also dry rot under some of the eaves, no big deal. As for termites, we have subterranean ones which can be “locally” treated instead of tented. That saves us some serious money right there. Overall, not the end of the world, but I would have felt better if there were no bathroom problem.

With that in mind, I looked at Wilsonart laminate floors last night and found a faux-tile one that I immediately fell in love with. Prince Charming must have been entertained because it has my favorite color (teal) in it as it’s “Antique Copper.” Since my dad is urging us to do the bathroom before moving in (there’s only one, so I see his point) I’ve moved my design obsession from kitchen to bathroom. I’m thinking “Antique Copper” floor, brass/copper looking fixtures, darkish wood and teal towels. Yes?

That’s all for now. Hopefully the irritated corner of my eye is just from stress and will go away soon. I don’t think I can handle another thing, like pink eye, right now. Oh, and signing papers on Wednesday. It will finally be final.