Today has probably been the hardest house day so far and our troubles weren’t even with the house but the loan! We’re up against the appraisers who have the power to break all my fragile dreams into a million pieces. I spent most of the day on the phone or emailing Carlos, the broker, the loan officer, the agent and my dad trying to figure out what the best option was to go about buying this house. It was extremely stressful. I feel like we’re so close. The folks who are the trustees of the house want us to buy it, we want to buy it, the bank can loan us money, so what’s the big deal? It’s a pain to have to go through this ridiculous process when we are responsible individuals trying to buy a house.

As a stress relief Prince Charming brought home a six-pack and I ordered pizza. All was well until, for some random reason, he brought up where we would have a wedding (only the farthest thing from my mind right now) and said something about “That’s why we should have it on the East Coast,” when I strongly believe it should be on the West because the ONLY member of either of our families who can’t travel by plane because of health reasons, my grandpa, lives in Southern California. What a stupid argument to have on a evening of the day that I just spent stressing out of my mind about a house.

Anyhow, that’s life for ya.