The past two days have had not much house news. I suppose I should note that Prince Charming and I are fine, especially once he got some golf range time in.

We should find out this week (today or tomorrow) when the appraisal will be to tell us if we get our loan, and hopefully it will be next week sometime. I think that once I know we’re going to be approved for the loan I will start calling folks to get quotes on all the work that needs to be done to the house.

I had an interesting discussion with a friend who designs bathrooms/kitchens for a living about a general contractor he highly recommends, but the guy isn’t licensed because he’s not a citizen. It basically came down to wondering about the merits of permits for work done on a house. I’m leaning towards getting them if we can afford it because you basically have to go all or nothing. You need them for kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, foundation fixes, re-piping, re-doing electrical, basically everything we need done. I would feel better, most notably about electrical, if we had things permitted for insurance/legal reasons. If we have the house rewired and don’t have it permitted, I’m pretty sure we’d be at fault.

That’s pretty much it for now. I have a fun weekend of cleaning the apartment because our pooch sheds a lot. Maybe I’ll try and purge the crap I keep for no good reason because hopefully we’ll be moving in the near future. Hooray!