Gmail went down the other day, and so I took a mental break at work– I’ve read articles saying this actually makes more effective workers, so there– and realized that Google allows me to make a wishlist and have it linked from my blog!!! So awesome.

Why so awesome? Because I love lists and shopping online and making a wishlist online is like window shopping. It’s a great way to compose a list of thinks I’m dreaming of getting or actually might get at a later point and it’s all linked together with my other Google stuff. Not that anyone is going to view my wishlist, and remember it’s a work in progress and I had to get back to the grind, but it can be viewed by going to my full blog profile– link on the right– and under all my information its got a link to my wishlist. Again, work in progress. Maybe I’ll update it closer to the holidays… then again… do my parents still buy me presents???

Happy long weekend, everyone.