farm fresh to you
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Summer produce is awesome but it can often be over priced in farmers’ markets where it’s becoming ever more trendy to shop for “local” produce. While I enjoy farmers’ markets and being able to shop outside, I realized I was actually saving money by buying the same produce at the grocery store. In an attempt to still get fresh, organic local produce, my friends turned me onto, a somewhat local (they still have to drive about an hour the the Bay Area) group of farms that band together to box and deliver their produce to Bay Area customers.

For a mere $23 I get a box of really fresh, organic produce that changes with the seasons. That’s about how much (or less than) the equivalent of what I would spend on produce in the grocery store on organics, and definitely less than I would spend at the farmers’ market. Every other week we get a shipment and besides getting a huge bunch of parsley in two consecutive shipments (what the heck do I do with that much parsely!?) I’ve been thrilled with everything!

Pretty exciting stuff. On the house front, we’re getting our appraisal done on Tuesday, an update when it happens.