The appraisal on the house was today, we don’t have results yet but our agent said it went as well as could be hoped. Jim, our agent, had the house cleaned so it looks even better and the appraiser took about ten minutes to walk through the house, take measurements and pictures. We should find out this week what the verdict is. Also, here are some pictures I took over the weekend while we were at the house meeting with folks about quotes for work that needs to be done.

Here is the old picture from Google maps of the house, sorry I didn’t take a new one of the front or the backyard of the house.

Here’s the front porch, it used to be enclosed and apparently had something covering the floor. There is a redwood there on the side yard.

This is a picture of the living room toward the front of the house, obviously the carpet padding is still covering the floor in here. You can see the fireplace off to the right of this picture.

Here’s looking the other way toward the back of the house from the front. This shows the dining room, and the kitchen is off to the left. Behind the wall with the heater is the bathroom and bedrooms are on the eight.

Here’s a better picture of the fireplace that we will need to redo.

The front bedroom has the nicest hardwood floor of the house and is the master bedroom.

Another picture of the front bedroom, here are the two closets.

Back bedroom with one closet on the right, door to hallway on the left.

The back bedroom has a worn spot on the floor that will be gone when the floors are refinished.

Hallway and linen closet on the right.

Linen closet which spans to the left and right of the door jam.

The bathroom that needs to be entirely redone.

The kitchen before it got all cleaned up.

This picutre is from the kitchen into the garage.

Finally, the one car garage with some extra storage space above.

There you have it, a pretty good idea of what we are dealing with. Lots of work but definitely doable.