Apparently Prince Charming and I look like we’re made of money. Something about a young couple buying a fixer-upper that needs some pretty substantial work must give the impression that we have all the money in the world to make repairs.

We had an electrician, plumber and some contractors come look at the house over the weekend. Since, for the most part, everything is a 1947 original, there’s some updating to be done. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, the only way we’re able to buy this house is because we are getting an excellent deal. Therefore, the only way we can do projects on the house is if we get a deal. So let’s review what I think a deal means:

Alanna’s definition of deal (n., adj.) – a price that is lower than the average price on a comparable item or project; a good price and good value; usually a deal will be automatically perceived as a good price;

Okay, that said, when the electrical guy came back and said it would be $6,000 to do the work requested, I did not think that was a deal. HE might have thought it was a deal, but I did not perceive this as a good price. It didn’t even include permit prices. This made it a really quote to beat, and the prince knew someone who beat it, by a mile. Someone who realizes we are not made of money.

THEN, the plumbing guy (who took his sweet time getting the quote back to us five days later) told us the work would be $7,000. SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Seriously? I could buy a used car for that much. I might even be able to buy two for that much. He said that the tankless water heater he recommends would be $2,650 to install– so I Googled it. It’s an $850 water heater. He wants to charge $1,800 to install it!? I need to get into plumbing.

I could go on, but I will stop there. Please be advised, we are not made of money. Oh, and are still looking for a plumber.