Seven days stand between us and the key to our house. And some paper signing, of course. But paper signing aside, it’s almost go time. We still are in search of a plumber and are having another one come out on Wednesday in addition to getting the Home Depot window installer to come do some measurements and give us a quote for new, energy efficient windows. We’ll get more window quotes soon, but I figured Home Depot was the easiest to start with.

Speaking of Home Depot, the prince and I went on a nice little trip to Home Depot to scope out the wares. We found some tile for around the tub, a nice vanity, already have scored a $10 vanity top, and looked at faucets/ hardware. We’re feeling pretty comfortable about the work the bathroom will take and what it will look like. The bathtub– that will have to come out for the dry rot to be repaired– is what I believe to be the original tub from 1947. It’s cast iron and has a white finish (porcelain?). There are companies, that I previously didn’t know existed, that actually just go out and refinish tubs, ceramic tile, countertops, etc. As of this moment, I’ve contacted five of these companies and have two quotes, one for $495 and another for $350. Each has a warranty for a few years. I’ve also scoped out the Home Depot website and the cheapest cast iron tub is $329, the next one up is $425. Seems like maybe we should save the steps of getting rid of the old and replacing with a new tub and just get what we have refinished?

We may also be able to have the same technique refinish the tile that is in the bathroom, but that’s up in the air. This house work thing takes some serious coordination.