I love pumpkin. I actually love almost everything with pumpkin in it. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins and bread, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin ravioli and especially, especially pumpkin pie frozen yogurt. This morning my coworker and I went to use our “Free Bagel Friday” coupons at Noah’s Bagels, and guess what new kind of bagel is featured!? Yes, that’s right folks, PUMPKIN!!! Of course I had to get it, and it was rockin’. I love fall for many reasons, one big one is pumpkin. So I feel like, since I found an amazing find this morning (for FREE!), that all is well with the world, and everything will blend. Keep your chin up.

On that note, we found the plumber we’re going with on Wednesday night. Finally a reasonable quote right off the bat, and Percy (yup, that’s his name) really was actually helpful about thinking of ways to do the things I wanted to do. I say “I” because Carlos hadn’t shown up yet, so I got to decide– which is not to say I was making any ground breaking deciscions– about a few minor changes.

It seems like each time we bring people over for quotes, we always find one new person and then some crappy people. As mentioned in my previous post about contractors, I feel like there are a lot of guys who are total swindlers. We’ve had three sessions of bringing contractors in to see the house, and we’ve found our bathroom guy, electrician, and plumber. We had a windows guy from Home Depot come over the same night Percy did and he said that, before the gov’t rebate, for our 10 windows and one slider we would have to spend $10,000 on the premium windows. Joke? No. And no, they were final, not even the more-expensive wood option. Sweet. We are very obviously not going with Home Depot.

The last piece of update is that we have two hard dates, which so far is pretty awesome. As previously thought, we may actually not be getting our paperwork and everything done in time to get the keys on Sept. 30th, it may be a little later than that. BUT, we do have an official move out date from our apartment (Oct. 25th, the Prince and my two year anniversary) and I scheduled a tub re-finisher for just before that. Once we get those keys we’ll be ready to rock and roll Percy, the electrician then the bathroom, then the floor and windows and foundation. Hooray!