With the new house keys, it was time to start working on the house. My dad and step-mom had already, conveniently, planned a trip to come up north for a visit for a 1/2 marathon. After my dad’s knee surgery, and of course our new ownership of a house, the run was put off for the fun of working on the new house. They took us on our first major Home Depot trip for everything from paint rollers to gardening tools. It was quite successful. Then the work began…

The front of the house, which, as you can see, has some serious weeding to do. And the side of the house, where we already removed an overgrown rose bush and did some trimming of the others.

My wonderful, fantastic, very generous, aunt came to help paint and obviously help get ready for painting. I was SOOO thankful to have there lending a hand.

And now… the backyard.

There was a cover/overhang thing going on over the door which our pest report said there was mold in, and it was ugly, so it came down. There was a large boganvelia (sp?) on the right that came out and those two rosebushes were put back in their place, if you will, by my dad trimming them down to normal rosebush size. You can see on the left a stump that needs to be removed, and the tree on the corner of the house which will eventually be removed one day. There was also a shed in the backyard which the prince and my dad tore down finding a skunk living in the floor. I’ll have to get that picture and video up soon.

After gardening and demo– this is only one of the large piles.

The new paint in the living/dining room, “Toasted Cashew,” perhaps a little more peach than we expected, but it’ll do.

Work, work, work. Our electrician friend started on Sunday (he’s in the picture above), the floor guy started today, the plumber comes in tomorrow, the bathroom guy comes next week. I’m getting my window quotes still, and we’re looking at appliances tonight. Fun!